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Game Components

Development cards

Development Cards are bought using bitcoin and give special abilities to the player who deployed them. There are two types of Development Cards. “Ongoing Action” Development Cards may only be activated during the “Action Phase” of one’s turn, while “One-Time Action” Development Cards may be activated at any time.

What our community says

  • BMQ is an awesome tool to highlight and demonstrate the inner works and incentive structures of the bitcoin economy, as well as being an incredibly engaging and fun tabetop game to play with friends
  • The perfect mix out of Bitcoin and traditional board games. It's unique and therefore perfect for both understanding Bitcoin and having fun!
  • Extremely fun board game with levels of depth and tactics to learn that reveal themselves the more you play it. Trade in and out of fiat, increase your hash rate, cooperate to create mining pools, and safely secure your hard earned bitcoin with cold storage, it's all here and it's immensely fun and engaging.

Educational Partnerships

After teaching for almost a decade, the idea for this project came from my wish to create an educational tool to teach core fundamental Bitcoin concepts. Apart from being a fun, competitive and engaging game, the gamification of how parts of the Bitcoin network works makes it an ideal tool to help newcomers to Bitcoin understand abstract ideas, such as 51% attacks, Block Rewards, Mining Pools, Cold vs Hot Wallets, Private Keys, Miner Economics, Halving Events, Mining Rigs and much more. Simply by playing the game, players will be introduced to these ideas in a tangible way, demystifying the technology and making it easier to understand.

Our project is committed to donating a number of games to various schools, NGOs, meetups and Bitcoin communities, to help in the quest to teach the world about the Bitcoin revolution. We secured partnerships with:

  • BitcoinCowries
  • BitcoinDada
  • BitcoinEkasi
  • BitcoinUbuntu

How to play

Rule book